38 Harold Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B16 9DA
265 per month

1 bedroom Terraced
Let Subject to Contract

  • Shared House
  • Ideal Location
  • Modern Kitchen with Appliances
  • Internet Access
  • Well maintained
  • Close to all amenities
  • Inclusive of all Bills
  • ** 50 off Admin fees **
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This is a well furnished single room in a shared house.
All Utility bills i.e Council Tax,Electricity/Gas,are included in the monthly rent.
Internet access is also included.


The Property is situated in a quiet area of Edgbaston close to Universities and Colleges, Hospitals and Birmingham City Centre.There is also Edgbaston Reservoir which is ideal for those who enjoy sailing,rowing,fishing and running.

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Additional Information

All Fees Listed below are applicable to prospective tenants;

Administration fee - 150.00 +V.A.T (per person)
Inventory - 100.00 +V.A.T (per property)
Tenancy Extension - 100.00 +V.A.T (per Property)
Unwarranted callout charge - 35.00 + V.A.T
Additional references or letters to third parties - 35.00 + V.A.T
Guarantors if required - 50.00 + V.A.T (per tenant)